$100,000 in Grants Available to Nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada for Energy- Efficient Upgrades

Direct Energy announced today that it has reopened its Reduce Your Use® for Good Grant program for applications. Under the grant program, nonprofits apply by uploading a short video to the company’s Reduce Your Use for Good Facebook page, those selected are awarded up to $2,500 to fund energy-efficient upgrades.

“Our Reduce Your Use for Good grants are designed to support nonprofits to decrease their energy use and costs in order to have more funds to help their mission,” said Direct Energy President and CEO Badar Khan. “We’re donating up to $100,000 in grants to help make a difference in our communities, in the U.S. as well as in Canada,” Khan said. 

Nonprofits are required to submit a short video about their organization’s mission and how they could benefit from the grant. The funds awarded must be used towards the purchase of energy-efficient products or services to help nonprofits reduce their energy use.

“Tell us about your organization and why it’s important that you continue your mission,” said Jeanette Sooley, coordinator for Direct Energy’s Reduce Your Use for Good program.  Video submissions should be no more than two minutes in duration and do not have to be professionally produced, said Sooley.

For every 2,500 “likes” that Direct Energy receives for its Facebook page, the company will select a nonprofit from the program’s applicant pool to receive a $2,500 grant to help them reduce their energy use and continue their good work. “As the likes roll in, we’ll keep donating until we’ve donated up to $100,000,” said Sooley.  The recipients are selected by a Direct Energy judging council.

In 2012, three nonprofits in Canada and five in the United States received grants from Direct Energy.  “This year, our goal is to make an even bigger impact across North America by helping more nonprofits,” said Sooley.

Organizations like the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto located in Houston, Texas, replaced the lighting in its museum facility with LED lights, which emit less damaging lighting on the museum’s artifacts and in the long-term, will also amount to electricity savings.  LED lights are energy-efficient and produce almost no heat in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

To be eligible, organizations in the U.S. must have current or active IRS 501(c)(3) status, be registered with and be in good standing with the appropriate state registration agency and be in a Direct Energy service area. In Canada, the nonprofit must have a current and active Registered Charitable Number and be in a Direct Energy service area.

For more information on previous grant recipient projects or to submit your nonprofit’s video, visit www.reduceyouruseforgood.com.