3 Indulgent Rewards to Help You Enjoy Free Power Saturdays

shutterstock_16638124Remember those 5 chores you did a couple of weeks back? All that laundry? The dishes? Maybe a little baking for the family? Maybe the steam cleaning and powerwashing?

Well, after that kind of work, it’s always nice to get rewarded. So, here are a few ideas on how to use your Free Power Saturdays to reward you and your family for getting their chores done.

1) Soak in your hot-tub. Hey, you did all that laundry that was piling up. You deserve to lounge in a steamy tub full of whirling water or relaxing scented suds. Heating water can eat up 18% of a home’s energy bill, so free electricity to pay for it makes this an affordable indulgence!

2) Home Theater Movie Marathon  Pop some popcorn, bake a pizza, and get everyone into the living room for a movie marathon! If you’ve got a basic 5-1 home theater system, chances are its power consumption is burning around 244 watts or more. Add in things like a Blu-Ray player or a computer for streaming internet content, and that wattage climbs to 450 watts or more for each hour it’s on. So think of the money you’ll save by watching all those movies on Saturday. Whether it’s sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, drama, or something in between, pick something fun for everyone so that you can take full advantage of Free Power Saturdays.

3) Roast Something OTHER Than Turkey!  Oddly enough, many, many homeowners only use their ovens once a year to roast one thing: Thanksgiving Turkey. BORING!!  There’s so much more yumminess that your family should experience. And besides, you’re probably ready to eat something else. Get out those cookbooks and look for other meals you can prepare in your electric oven. Plus, there’s lots of other things you can roast for use in later meals: garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and more.

By working smart with Direct Energy’s Free Power Saturdays Plan to get the house chores done, you can reward yourself by playing smart too. Consumers who postpone heavy-energy use until the weekend help reduce the overall higher work-week demand. By waiting for the weekend, your family helps prevent those rolling blackouts during the week that inconvenience everyone.

So get 24 hours of free electricity each Saturday when you sign up for a Direct Energy’s Free Power Saturdays Plan . All you need is an AMS Smart Meter installed at your home, and you can enjoy low fixed rate plans with free electricity Saturdays for either 12 or 24 months. You can even save more by choosing a paper-less E-plan.