4 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids over Christmas Break

FamilyCraftTimeRegan76Christmas Break is a wonderful time to make memories together as a family. Children are out of school, and many people have at least a few days off from work, helping to eliminate external stressors. With the festive spirit in the air associated with the holidays, it is the perfect time to come up with a few fun activities to pass the days and have some quality time together. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your children explore their creativity or learn more about the world around them while also having fun. Here are four ideas to get started.

1) Have a Talent Show

Talent shows are an excellent way to have fun with the children while also offering them the chance to explore their talents and interests. There are many kids who would love to sing, dance, or play an instrument but do not have the time with their own busy schedules. A talent show gives them the chance to explore these interests and show off a bit for the rest of their family. It is a great time to have some laughs and learn more a bit about each other.

As a variation, the family may prefer to put on a play or skit together. A holiday themed play can be chosen to make the activity even more seasonally appropriate. Some children may even enjoy writing their own skit to help make the activity into an all-day affair. Other children in the neighborhood may make for a great audience or additional actors. Both ideas offer a great outlet for children’s creativity and for trying something new.

ReindeerOrnaments12) Holiday Ornaments

Children are famous for their love of arts and crafts. These activities are a perfect way for them to show off their creativity. Seeing their creations hanging off the Christmas tree will help give the children a sense of pride. Other ornaments can be given as gifts to parents or grandparents or others who would appreciate receiving handmade kid creations.

As an added bonus, this activity can be tailored to kids of different ages, since ornaments can be created in a variety of different mediums. For example, walnuts can be painted to look like strawberries or beads can be used to create candy cane creations. There are also different basic recipes that can be used to create designs, such as sugar, glitter, and water combined to create snowmen. Using colorful paper or fine doilies are always options as well.

3) Create a Weather Station

Children tend to be weather watchers throughout the winter. Is it going to snow? How much? These are all questions that parents frequently hear throughout the winter. Those who live too far south for snow stick more to questions concerning whether they can go outside. No matter what the local climate it, all children love observing weather. Help them realize that the weather is not magic, but rather follows a specific set of rules and patterns. Creating a weather station to help them monitor their local weather and then compare it to what the local weather forecasts predicted can help them gain an appreciation of how the weather works.

The weather station can include a thermometer to monitor temperature, a rain gauge to determine how much rain or snow has fallen, a wind or weather vane to see which way the wind is blowing, and if possible, an anemometer to measure wind speed and an hydrometer to determine relative humidity. Record the observations at the weather station in a journal and compare them to forecasts as a family.

DecoratedGingerbreadHouse4) Holiday Baking

Holiday baking is an excellent way to spend time together, and being able to eat the final product is the perfect reward. There are a variety of baking activities to do together. One popular idea is to buy multicolored cooking icing tubes and sprinkles. Make fresh sugar cookies and sit around the kitchen table and decorate them together. Even small children can participate.

Other families may enjoy decorating gingerbread houses. Those who really enjoy baking may be able to make their own gingerbread for the house, but there are also kits and similar options that can be purchased so that decorating the house is the only step the family needs to do. Buy a variety of favorite family candies, icing, and other fun food decorations and spend several hours creating the perfect holiday treat. As an added bonus, the treats that are created can be brought to holiday parties that the family will be attending, eliminating the need to buy some pre-cooked treats.

Spending time together as a family is a perfect way to spend Christmas Break and the holiday season. The above activities help families bond, explore their creative sides, and even learn a bit while having a great deal of fun. Do not dread Christmas Break and having children get bored. Plan some of the exciting activities and have a fantastic time together!

Family Craft Time image courtesy of regan76.