4 Great Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

FridgeFullThankgivingLeftoversCoteThanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate friends and family while eating delicious foods associated with the fall season. The festivities, therefore, often involve making enormous amounts of food to ensure that everyone at the table has enough to fill themselves up. Once the meal is over, however, most people find themselves left with enough leftovers for several meals. While no one wants to just throw away all of the food, few people want to eat the same thing for weeks on end. Fortunately, it is possible to use creative new recipes to re-purpose the food to add some variety into the daily diet of the family. Here are four delicious recipes that are wonderful for putting Thanksgiving leftovers to good use.

1) Next-Day Turkey Soup with Mashed Potato Polpotti

This recipe is a great way to warm up on a cold November evening. It makes use of leftover turkey as well as a variety of the vegetable side dishes that are so popular for most Thanksgiving tables. For a basic recipe, the cook can make use of regular chicken broth and add in the dark turkey meat, vegetables from the side dishes, along with an onion, garlic, and spices. The original recipe, however calls for using the turkey carcass to make a delicious broth.

The soup will then taste delicious with mashed potato polpotti. To make this portion of the dish, the cook will need leftover mashed potatoes from the Thanksgiving dinner. Re-season the potatoes with fresh black pepper and then combine them with Parmesan cheese. Use the lid from a peanut butter container, or something of a similar size, as a mold. Once the patties have been formed, dredge them in flour and fry until golden brown.

2) Grilled Turkey, Brie, and Apple Butter Sandwich with Arugula

These delicious sandwiches will make anyone feel as though they have been transported to a high class lunch cafe. They are excellent for those needing to take lunch to work or school and add a delightful twist on the turkey leftovers. To prepare the sandwiches, rye artisan bread, about a half inch thick, typically works best. The cook will also need slices of leftover turkey, softened butter, apple butter, brie cheese, and arugula. The sandwich will be first prepared by spreading butter and apple butter on the bread, followed by the other ingredients. Then add a bit of butter to a frying pan and cook the sandwich until the cheese begins to melt and the bread turns golden brown. The apple butter adds just a hint of fall sweetness and the brie adds a rich taste for a delicious sandwich that will leave people craving more.

3) Turkey Pot Pie

Pot pie is another wonderful warm dish that fits perfectly in the late fall and winter. This one will call for linguine pasta, chopped turkey meat (or chicken meat), pepper, peas, some spices, and any other vegetables that the cook wants to throw in from the Thanksgiving leftovers. While this recipe calls from chicken broth, it is also possible to make broth from the leftover turkey carcass to really use more of the leftovers available. If anyone has an extra pie crust leftover from making those delicious desserts, this is an excellent way to make use of them for another great meal. The pie crust holds in all the flavors, allowing them to bake and transforms the stew-like inside into a rich, vegetable filled pot pie that definitely adds some variety into the Thanksgiving leftovers.

4) Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls with Cranberry Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

This recipe offers a real twist on the all American Thanksgiving Day dinner by adding an Asian flair. The rolls are a great way to have a casual meal after all the hectic activity of the holiday is finished. To prepare the dish, cooks will need toasted sesame oil, turkey, carrot, garlic, soy sauce, cabbage, oyster sauce, cranberry sauce, and egg roll wrappers. The cranberry sauce adds a bit of flavor and provides a contrast to the soy sauce which will help make this dish a hit with everyone at the table. While the recipe does take a bit of work to prepare, it also makes about 50 rolls, so they can be enjoyed for more than one meal. They can be easy to transport as well and so can be used for lunches or other meals on the go.

Once the Thanksgiving Day festivities have died down, many hosts are left staring at mountains of food that they must find something to do with. Finding recipes to make with the leftovers, fortunately, can help change up the flavors enough so that no one gets sick of the endless turkey and fall vegetables. Those who looking for some creative ideas to do with their leftover turkey and side dishes should look over the recipes above and they are sure to find one that will work well for their family.

Fridge Full of Thanksgiving Leftovers image courtesy of cote.