5 Chores to Complete with Free Power Saturdays from Direct Energy

5 Chores to Complete with Free Power Saturdays from Direct EnergyIf you’re thinking about signing on with one of Direct Energy’s new Free Power Saturday plans, but can’t imagine just what to do with a day of free electricity, then consider all those cleaning chores that you normally do during the week.

1) The first obvious chore you can get out of the way on a Saturday with free electricity is laundry. Washing machines don’t use too much electricity, but when you combine it with heating water in an electric water heater, you’ll find the kWh really stack up. Water heating alone accounts for about 18% of a home’s total energy.

2) Another power-hungry chore that let’s you take advantage of Free Power Saturdays is drying clothes. Electric clothes driers are among the biggest energy hogs in your home. Depending on how long they run, they can eat from 1 to 5 kWH of electricity, and if you have multiple loads to do during the month, that can really add up fast.

3) Washing dishes is also an important chore. If you own a dishwasher, especially one with built-in water heating and drying, it may normally use 1 to 2 kWh (depending on length of use). Add in the hot water from your water heater, and that energy usage can really climb. While you shouldn’t let your dishes sit in the sink all week, you might be able to let Friday night’s load wait until Saturday morning.

4) When was the last time you baked? Electric ovens can use around 2 kWh (depending on time used). Now, while that may not seem like much, there the hidden costs of cooling all that oven heat especially if your air conditioning is running. Conceivably, it might cost another 1 kWh just to circulate the heat from your oven throughout the rest of your home. On the other hand, with free electricity you can make piles of deliciousness for your family!

5) Lastly, many smaller appliances and tools may use smaller amounts of electricity but over a full day, they can add up. Vacuum cleaners can consume 1 kWh as can carpet shampooers and floor buffers. Electric power washers and air compressors also consume plenty of electricity. So, if you’re looking to do major home cleaning or home repairs, a free-electricity Saturday is just one more way to lower your monthly energy bill.

Sure, ratcheting up the electrical use during the weekend sounds like it encourages wasteful energy usage; however, consumers who postpone their heavy energy use until the weekend help reduce the overall higher work week demand. Waiting for the weekend can help prevent the threat of rolling blackouts during the week that inconvenience everyone.

So get 24 hours of free electricity each Saturday when you sign up for a Direct Energy’s Free Power Saturdays Plan. All you need is an AMS Smart Meter installed at your home, and you can enjoy low fixed rate plans with free electricity Saturdays for either 12 or 24 months! You can even save more by choosing a paperless E-plan.