5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts

5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas GiftsChristmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family while exchanging gifts. Although everyone appreciates receiving thoughtful gifts, sometimes the cost associated with buying gifts for everyone on the list can be intimidating and can quickly become quite expensive. It is important to find something that each person will enjoy, but when working on a tight budget that can be easier said than done. Fortunately, it is possible to get everyone on this year’s list a creative and appropriate gift while still being frugal. Here are 5 great ideas to get started!

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts require a personal thought and consideration. They are great for close friends and family members who would also enjoy celebrating the relationship.

1) A scrapbook or collage

There are a variety of services that can be used to create professional looking collages or scrapbooks for a reasonable price. To save even more money, buy a photo album and place photos personally. In both situations, the person should begin by collecting photographs from the fun and significant memories throughout the relationship. Photos that capture the bond are always the best. If the relationship has lasted for a number of years, it can also be fun to find pictures from the beginning of the relationship. Look through magazines to find words or quotes that can be used to further describe the bond. Arrange the photos and extras throughout the pages. Those with a bit more creativity can add in a bit of stenciling or personal drawings around the pictures as well. These are the special touches that help take the gift from being a simple photo album into something more unique.

For the food and drink lovers

Food and drinks are popular gifting categories. Everyone enjoys eating and drinking! The trick to making this a successful gift category is to match the food and drink selections with the taste preferences of the recipients. Here are some creative gifts in this area.

5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts2) Personalized recipe book

Those who enjoy cooking and eating the finished product will definitely appreciate this type of gift. The recipe book should fall within the interests of the person, such as Italian food, Chinese food, or Mexican food. Many recipe books offer opportunities to add in personal recipes in the back, so add a couple of favorites to the that would surely be appropriate. If there are a few recipes that have already been tried, consider adding a few notes with possible modifications or excellent pairings. To make the gift even more unique, consider serving it with a dish, such as a small desert, from the book.

5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts3) Personalized drink basket

Use a basket to create an individualized drink basket. For example, if the recipient is a tea lover, get several boxes of different popular teas and arrange them in the basket. Other recipients might prefer samples of different types of coffee or even beer. The drinks can be intermixed with different pairings, such as a small packages of nuts, candies, honey, or other sweeteners. Wrap the whole basket in cellophane wrapping and tie it off with a ribbon to make it an easy to deliver package.

For travelers

Everyone has someone in their lives who loves to travel and explore new places, so here are the perfect gifts for them.


4) Travel Kit

With the various restrictions related to air travel, few things are more frustrating for travelers than trying to pack toiletries and other travel necessities according to the guidelines. Most travelers either squeeze their shampoos and sunscreens into little twelve ounce containers or they worry about buying the items once they arrive at the destination. As a gift, pack a small kit with TSA compatible sized toiletries. Combine this with other fun travel items, such as a travel pillow, a great new book, headphones, and other items that help make long plane rides more enjoyable.

5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts5) Individualized travel guide

Pick a place that the recipient has never been and find a travel guide for the area. If it is a place that the gift giver has already visited, that would be even better. Go through the book and add notes and advice for places that the traveler would love to see. Suggest dishes at restaurants, particular exhibits at museums, and the best ways to get around. If it is not a place that the gift giver has been, then use popular travel sites to get opinions on what to see and do and add those to the travel guide.

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a stressful situation, especially when the number of people that need to be taken care of keeps growing and the budget becomes quite thin. Deciding upon a few creative and thoughtful gifts can be a great way to stay on budget. The above suggestions should help anyone get started determining the perfect gifts for their loved ones.