6 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in the 2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics are right around the corner! They will take place in Sochi, Russia between February 7th – 23rd. The excitement of watching the best athletes around the world compete for the gold medals has everyone abuzz. Who will participate? Which sports will be new this year? Will the athletes from my country bring home the gold?

I also look forward to the amazing shows put on for the Opening & Closing ceremonies, as they always have the most amazing performances with intricate costumes! We love to cheer for our favorite athletes and share in their joys & sorrows.  We may even imagine our own children growing up to someday be an Olympian. Let’s share the excitement of the Winter Games with our children and encourage them to become involved in the Games and to cheer for their favorite sports.


Flag Bingo – There are many educational opportunities for our children during the Winter Olympics! During the Opening Ceremony, play Flag Bingo to get your children interested in learning about other countries. They will have to search for the flags on their sheet during the parade. When they find them, they can earn more points by correctly naming the country that particular flag belongs to as well as the continent.


Winter Olympics books – If your children are like my son, they love to visit the library and explore new books. On your next visit, check out some books about the Winter Olympics. It will help them to understand what these sports are about, who participates in them, and what it takes to become an Olympian.


The Olympics are a great way to teach your children about history. Not only can you learn about the current country hosting the games, you can also talk about how the Olympics began in Ancient Greece. There are many craft ideas and printable worksheets to learn about Sochi, Russia and Ancient Greece on Activity Village.


For your older children, you can explore some videos from NBC.com that show the science behind sports like figure skating, skiing, bobsledding, and more.


Our younger children really enjoy hands-on learning, so arts & crafts are a great way to introduce them to the Olympics! Over on Tipjunkie, you can learn how to make a variety of sports in your home including the bobsled, luge, ice hockey, & figure skating. Tipjunkie also has ideas for parties, including themed food!


The best way to get involved in the Olympics is to DO the Olympics! Why not get in some exercise with your kids by doing this Toddler Approved Winter Olympics Circuit, including figure skating or snowboard squats?

Let’s not overlook the Winter Paralympics Events! Athletes with physical disabilities participate in a variety of sports. They will also be held in Sochi from March 7th-16th. You can read more about the events on Time.

See the schedule of events at NBCOlympics.com and the official Sochi Olympics website.

Find more great Winter Olympics activities below:

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