7 Eco-Friendly Recipes to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada

Next Monday, October 14th, all of Canada will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day! The holiday has been celebrated by Canadians for centuries, predating the formal declaration in 1879 that the holiday is held each year on the second Monday in October. Originally designed as a festival to commemorate the harvest, it’s now an occasion for a long weekend, some travel, and football.

Then again, we’re not telling our Canuck customers something they don’t already know, so in preparation for the holiday, we’ve gathered a list of delicious, eco-friendly recipes to help you plan your Thanksgiving dinner.

Quick tip: To ensure your Thanksgiving meal has the lowest possible impact on the environment, we have a few recommendations for you.

  • Do all of your grocery shopping at a local grocery store or farmer’s market. This way, you know that all of your food will be coming from nearby – you’ll be supporting local farmers and reducing the amount of miles it took to drive those products to you.
  • Choose items that are hormone and pesticide-free. Not all of us are able to engage in “farm-to-table” grocery shopping. Thankfully, there are plenty of foods from national brands that are certified organic and hormone-free.
  • Use eco-friendly products. That’s right – we’re suggesting that you use the good china instead of disposable plates and cutlery. By opting to wash your dishes in an energy-efficient Energy Star appliance, you’re using less energy overall, mostly because you’re not throwing more waste into a landfill.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have any eco-friendly recipes or dining tips that you’d like to share? If so, let’s see them in the comments!