7 Steps from Direct Energy to Help Ontario Homeowners Save at Least $770 on Energy Bills

Small changes really can make a big difference on electricity bill savings! We calculated that, if you performed 7 key tasks around your house – ranging from sealing leaks to replacing an old furnace this fall – you could save as much as $770** on your home energy bills annually! Try these 7 simple steps to improve your energy efficiency this winter and put your money to better use:

  1. Replace your furnace filter every 3 months to increase furnace efficiency. This will save you approximately $53, enough for a lift pass to the ski slopes!
  2. Seal leaks around doors, windows and exterior wall electrical outlets to keep the warm air in. This will save you $56, which could earn you 33 more cups of coffee per year.
  3. Insulate your basement to improve the overall comfort of the basement and prevent warm air escaping along the joist cavities. Following this step will save $99, so you could use this extra green on a jacket to keep you warm this winter.
  4. Insulate your attic to cut down on heating costs. By having a minimum of 12 inches of insulation – that’s $61 of savings – it will be enough to buy six pairs of mittens.
  5. Lower the temperature setting on your thermostat by two degrees. Save $150 with this tip and splurge on that cashmere scarf you’ve always wanted!
  6. If your furnace is older or experiencing frequent breakdowns, upgrade to a high efficiency furnace. Upgrading will save you nearly $300, which means you can put those savings towards a plane ticket somewhere warm this winter.
  7. Clean your ducts to remove dust and debris and help your furnace work more efficiently. Save $53 with this tip and have enough to buy a handful of new books to cozy up on the couch with.

While not every homeowner might not be able to undertake all 7 steps this fall, even just implementing 3 easy energy saving tips – sealing leaks, changing the furnace filter regularly and lowering the thermostat by two degrees – could add up to $259.20. In Ontario, with more than 2.7 million single-detached homes, these changes could amount to nearly $700 million in energy savings across the province.

** Using data from several sources including a 2011 joint study conducted by Direct Energy and the University of Toronto and HOT2000 software (Natural Resource Canada’s recognized standard tool for use by trained and certified energy auditors), Direct Energy calculated the savings associated with seven energy efficiency tips. Savings are based on a typical Ontario home defined by the Canadian Real Estate Association, Statistics Canada and Natural Resources Canada as 1,860 square feet, 40 years old and two stories.