9 Safety Tips to Protect Your Family on Halloween

Like many families around the country, your children will most likely be celebrating Halloween by hitting the pavement in their costumes to gather as much candy as possible. And who doesn’t love candy? Before heading head out to scour the neighborhood for treats (Does anyone REALLY want tricks?), make sure your family stays protected with these 9 Halloween safety tips:

  1. To avoid tripping and blocked vision, only wear costumes and shoes that fit well.
  2. Don’t let your kids trick-or-treat alone! Walk in groups and with at least 1 adult.
  3. Since the sun goes down sooner in the fall, make sure you utilize reflective tape, reflective vests, high visibility clothing, or flashlights so your kids are visible to drivers.
  4. Always walk, not run, when moving from house to house.
  5. When crossing the street, use established crosswalks and always look both ways before proceeding.
  6. Utilize sidewalks.
  7. Only visit well-lit houses and don’t accept rides from strangers.
  8. Always check your child’s candy for tampering and dispose of the candy if tampering seems evident.
  9. Only consume factory-wrapped treats. Avoid eating homemade candies.

We hope these tips help you and your families have a fun, spook-free Halloween! For more trick-or-treating safety tips, visit the CDC’s website.