Lawn Tips

End of Summer Lawn Tips

With the end of summer just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your lawn—and lawn mower—for the cooler weather ahead! To ensure your grass is lush and healthy when spring rolls around next year, get ahead of the game with these end-of-August fall lawn maintenance tips: Does your lawn have drought or insect damage? […]


Green Lunch Tips

On Monday, we gave some eco-friendly back-to-school tips to help prep your kids for the classroom… now let’s look at how to green up their lunches! Five tips for an eco-friendly lunch: Put away the paper bags and invest in a reusable lunchbox. Instead of using plastic sandwich bags, spring for food storage containers. Pack […]

Back to School Tips

Green Back-to-School Tips

Preparing your kids for the school year? Sending your child back to school can be costly—for you and the environment. Before your kids head back to the classroom, check out these five eco-friendly tips to save yourself and the environment some green: Reuse/repurpose last year’s supplies Look for school supplies made from recycled materials Purchase […]

Ecofriendly Travel

Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Planning a last minute family vacation before the kids head back to school? If you’re passionate about going green, check out some of these eco-friendly family travel destinations: Portland – Ranked as the greenest city in America, Portland should top the list of any eco-lover searching for vacation ideas! San Francisco – With a commitment […]


Freezer Efficiency Tips

Are you trying to cut energy costs to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle? One of the best ways to go green and save some cash is to make your appliances more energy efficient — starting with your freezer! To melt away energy waste, try some of these freezer efficiency tips: Cool your hot foods before […]


Bonfire Safety Tips

Happy National S’mores Day! If you’re celebrating this delicious holiday by gathering around a bonfire to make some homemade snacks, make sure you check out these safety tips before lighting up: Build your bonfire at least 60 feet away from anything flammable, like houses, sheds and trees. Do not build a fire on the surface […]