Canada Day Grilling Tips

Happy Canada Day! Are you commemorating the birth of Canada with a backyard BBQ celebration? If so, check out these tips for eco-friendly tips before lighting up your grill:

  • Before adding your food, clean your grill’s grates with a natural baking soda paste, rather than harsh chemical products.
  • Opt for natural gas and propane grills. While charcoal leaves a great flavor, charcoal grills release up to twice as many carbons as its greener alternatives.
  • Rather than purchasing prepackaged vegetables, which are often treated with chemicals, buy your produce from your local farmer’s market.
  • Don’t throw away your leftovers; instead, add them to your compost pile (or create a compost pile).
  • When you’re done grilling, use the heat from your grill to naturally sear off grill remnants.

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