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5 Creative Yet Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family while exchanging gifts. Although everyone appreciates receiving thoughtful gifts, sometimes the cost associated with buying gifts for everyone on the list can be intimidating and can quickly become quite expensive. It is important to find something that each person will enjoy, but when working on […]

5 Heart-Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving

5 Heart-Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving

As the holiday season begins, the health conscious among us feel a bit apprehensive about various Thanksgiving recipes that are loaded with fat and salt. As tasty as the food is, it seems like everything is off-limits. Fortunately, it is possible to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal without destroying diets, increasing the waistline, or having […]


Direct Energy Ohio Voice of the Customer

Direct Energy is very active in Ohio. We have four Volunteer Citizens of the Year, we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus to help support their Power Hour across the state, we’ve awarded a Cleveland non-profit with a Reduce Your Use grant, helped Columbus non-profits learn more about reducing their use, and […]

Exciting Direct Energy Website Updates!

Exciting Direct Energy Website Updates!

We just received a makeover! If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new look, visit today. At Direct Energy, it is our mission to harness our energy expertise to make a difference in people’s lives. Our new website reflects that, as it’s not just our look that’s changing, it’s the technology, […]

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In With The New!

At Direct Energy, we love our business customers and we love finding ways to help you do what you do best. Run your business. Last week, we launched a poll question on our Facebook page, asking our community to raise a hand if they are a small business owner. For those of you who said […]

The Direct Energy Customer Voice

In my first blog post, I wrote about how one of the things I love about my job is the ability to focus on Direct Energy’s core mission: to make a difference in the lives of the people and communities we serve. So let’s focus on the people. I often go on the road to […]