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The Direct Energy Buzz for June 2015

With summer vacation on our minds, we’re going to get wired on how electricity travels in this June 2015 installment of the Direct Energy Buzz. Transmitting electricity isn’t just about stringing wires to handle the demand load – it’s really about balancing two different kinds of power. We’ll also discuss the balancing act between power regulation and […]

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Industry Updates: The Buzz

As we move into June and baseball season heats up, we take a look at various industry updates, including the smart home things Apple will pitch at this year’s World Wide Developer’s conference, along with whether or not Tesla Motors’ “Powerwall” and Spanish start-up Vortex Bladeless, are pop-ups or home runs. Apple’s HomeKit Pitch Apple’s 2015 […]


The DE Buzz – March 2015

This month with much of country still bound up in snow, ice, and general icky winter weather, we turn our attention to the energy innovations soon to hit the sunny-plashed highways of California. We’ll also leaf through developments in artificial photosynthesis, and lastly see how frozen fish and wind power can provide cheap, trouble-free energy. […]