Combating Zombie Electronics

What did you all think about the premier of season two of The Walking Dead? We LOVED it and think this season looks amazing!

We discovered several different ways to take on a zombie during the premier but what we didn’t see, was how to combat zombie electronics. We feel a duty to let our readers in on some strategic tactics for taking on zombie electronics.

First, identify your target.

Zombie electronics refers to those household appliances and devices that mindlessly eat kilowatts and your budget, like televisions, phone chargers, microwaves, computers and gaming systems.

Second, know the zombie’s strengths.

The strength of a zombie electronic lies in its ability to munch on wallet before you even realize its in your home. Seventy-five percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed when they’re in standby mode. Zombie devices are accumulating about 10 percent of your electric bill.

They are just hurting you either. Zombie energy accounts for 1 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. In the U.S. alone, that’s equal to the combined annual production of dozens of power plants!

Third, attack the zombies head on.

When done charging devices such as a cell phone or portable mp3 player, disconnect the device and unplug the charger because even if the device isn’t connected, energy continues to seep out through the charger itself.

Purchase a powerstrip (some are available with a remote control) that can turn off several appliances at the same time.  This can be more convenient than plugging-in and unplugging appliances in hard-to-reach places around your home.

Lastly, establish a team.

Your fight against zombie electronics will be much more effective if your whole household participates. Share these tips with friends and family to create a community effort against the zombies. And, don’t forget the kids! Saving energy can be fun and interesting for even your youngest teammate!

And for all other types of zombies, refer to The Ultimate Zombie Survival Manual.