Daily Energy Tips

Life is busy, fast-paced, hectic and most of all unpredictable. We understand altering your lifestyle takes time and effort. But we at Direct Energy believe it’s the small things that make a HUGE difference. Here are some day-to-day tips to get you on a greener path and keep a little more green (and yes we are talking about dollar bills) in your wallet!

  • Flip the switch. Whenever you leave a room, turn off the lights. No sense in feeding those energy zombies.
  • Instead of a plastic water bottle, take a reusable water bottle to work.
  • Unplug appliances, such as your coffee maker, after you use it. Again, we are trying to keep you from falling victim to energy zombies.
  • Dust off your slow cooker and put it to work. Prepare your dinner in the morning, set it on low, go to work, come home and bon appetit!
  • Set your laptop to sleep mode instead of the usual screen saver so it uses less energy. If you’re gone for more than 30 minutes, think about shutting your laptop down and unplugging the power source.

Greener living doesn’t have to be complicated. For more eco-friendly and green tips, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for energy tips and ways to reduce your use!

Photo: Shutterstock