Direct Energy Buzz – April 13th edition

Green, green, green…it’s everywhere! Hope your April is off to a great start. Be sure to check around for cool Earth Day events scheduled for April 22 in your neck of the woods. And in case you were too busy enjoying the great outdoors or working on taxes this week, here’s a recap of all the things we brought your way on Facebook, Twitter and our DE blog.

Green in all shades – forest to fern, kelly to sage — is definitely the color for spring. Our Monday Facebook post featured House Beautiful Magazine’s tips for decorating with green. We learned about military working dogs – talk about heroes! – on Tuesday, and  we got the big picture Thursday with gorgeous National Geographic photos of auroras and supernovas.

Ever wonder what holds dust bunnies together? The same thing that zaps us when we touch metal in dry weather and makes our clothes cling and our hair stand up. Monday’s DE blog post, Who knew static electricity could do that?, covered some of the awesome things static electricity makes possible – like inkjet printers and making paint stick to your car!

We all love a good shower, but old-school showerheads can be real water and energy wasters. Our Thursday post shows you how to save water and energy by installing low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. It’s easy, it pays for itself in no time  – and you can still enjoy a nice, bracing shower!

One more thing – Direct Energy is southward bound, y’all!  We’re moving our headquarters to Houston, Texas and hiring 200 people. Our Wednesday blog post has the details on our job fair and open positions. Please pass the word to anyone you know in the Houston area!

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some nice spring weather in the week ahead. Be sure to check back in next week for another edition of the Direct Energy Buzz!

Thank you to Flickr user eoringel.