Direct Energy Buzz – April 27th edition

What did you do for Earth Day last Sunday? Did you plant a tree? Have a picnic? Learn something new about conservation? Lasting change comes from making small adjustments over time, like these 10 eco-friendly lifestyle changes from that we tweeted about yesterday.

Planting hardy native plants is another smart way you can be kind to Mother Earth. Natives take the least amount of water and care. Get tips on hardiness zones and making smart gardening choices in our April 22 blog post, Celebrate Earth Day by Going Native: Make Change That Lasts

Outdoor living was a popular theme for us on Facebook this past week. Instead of trying to keep a lawn alive, wouldn’t it be cool to pick herbs, fruits, berries and veggies in your front yard? Yesterday we shared a great Parentables article by Amy Suardi: How I’m Creating an Edible Front Yard (and You Can Too). Our Tuesday we featured clever ideas from on how to bring indoor coziness to a patio or porch with area rugs designed for the outdoors.

How many solo miles do you drive every week? Our Monday blog post covered the hows and whys of carpooling. It’s easier than you think — really! With gas prices on the rise, think of all the things you could do with the money you’ll save by sharing the ride.

And just to show you that being Earth-friendly can be fun as well as practical:

Here’s hoping that Earth Day 2012 inspired you to look around and commit to some new green habits. Be sure to check back in next week for another edition of the Direct Energy Buzz!

Thanks to Flickr user Karen Roe