Direct Energy Buzz – January 18 Edition

Wait today is Friday? Monday felt like it was just yesterday. Well in any case, happy Friday! Any exciting plans for the weekend? Perhaps jet setting off to a warm and relaxing destination? Before you head off to Cape Town, South Africa, here’s your Direct Energy Buzz.

Monday we brought you the wackiest gadgets displayed at CES 2013. In need of an iPotty?

In the spirit of health and fitness, Wednesday we shared some ways to green up your workout. We personally like running outdoors – fresh air is the best.

As a special treat, we invite you to check out Electric Avenue, a rockin’ energy market intelligence blog composed by three of the brightest market analysts around: Lars Cleath, Mike Krygowski and Joe Polka. This week’s post: Natural gas/electricity price correlations.

And that’s all we have for you today! Check back in with us next week for more goodies!

Thanks to Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar for the photo!