Direct Energy Buzz – June 29th edition

Who’s ready for winter? Most of us are settling into a warm summer that seems very interested in flexing its heat muscles early and often.  We can’t do anything about the weather, but maybe some cool information and useful ideas might help.

If you’re in Texas you already know this, but June set some records for heat.  We blogged about it, and gave Texans the scoop on a pretty cool ERCOT mobile app that gives you up to date information on how much power it takes to keep Texans cool and productive. Even if you’re not a Texan (or particularly high-tech) it’s got some great ideas for beating the heat.

Higher temperatures mean more severe storms.  We’ve spent a lot of time talking about it on the blog, but we firmly believe that knowledge is power and a little preparation can go a long long way. Storm preparation information like this is always important, now more than ever

And if you should need to safely ride out a storm or two in your bathroom, you might start to wonder: is this bathroom as green as it could be?  The answer is probably no, but our Twitter team had a great place to start.

We’ll close this recap with your three step plan for a guaranteed safe and awesome summer.

  1. First, make sure your disaster bag is all packed.
  2. Check out our new DE Jams channel on Spotify.
  3. Have a good time.

Thanks to Duncan Cumming for the cool shot!