Direct Energy Buzz – June 8th edition

Before we get started – it wasn’t just your imagination, this Spring has indeed been very warm.  And, even as some communities are still facing snowfall, NOAA announced the warmest spring on record, at least since they started paying attention.

Warmer than normal weather is one reason scientists and storm watchers are worried about the upcoming hurricane and storm season.  Direct Energy is committed to helping our customers and communities do all they can to prepare their homes and businesses for storms and severe weather. If you live in hurricane territory, be sure to take a look at some of the hurricane preparedness resources we shared with you this week.

The other eventual result of warm weather for most people is a higher power bill.  If you think already you’ve done everything you can to reduce your bills, we shared some cool new ideas on Twitter this week.  Everything from changing your paint to how you arrange your furniture can make a real difference.

If you’re a Pennsylvania customer, you probably already know about Free Power Day, but we explained it to the whole world this week.  If that wasn’t cool enough, our Houston customers are probably glad to hear about our recent gift to the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

Finally, in yet another spectacular astronomical delight, the world was treated to Venus in Transit this week.  Hope you were able to catch a peek!

Thanks to NASA for the photo!