Direct Energy Buzz April 12 Edition

TGIF! We’re pretty excited about the weekend, spring has sprung here in Houston and we’re looking forward to enjoying the sunshine outdoors. What do you have in store for this weekend? How about a trip to your local farmers market, or a bike ride to the park?

This week we gave you some pretty handy tips for home and yard improvements. On Monday, our focus was on the home. We shared some ideas for how to redecorate using eco-friendly methods. Find some attractive house plants to make the air cleaner and add some green style to your home.

Speaking of plants, on Wednesday, we took things outside. Having a green lawn is nice, but having an environmentally friendly green lawn is even better! We shared some tips on outdoor lawn care, from composting to biopesticides!

This week’s Hot Job is for a workforce analyst in Phoenix. If you have three years of experience and a passion for workforce planning, this could be the job for you! For more information and to apply, click here!