Direct Energy Buzz April 19 Edition

We’re pretty pumped that it’s Friday. What about you? We’re one week closer to summer, and that’s definitely something to be excited about. We hope as you start planning your summer vacations, you’ll keep being green top of mind!

This week we shared some great updates about some of our corporate responsibility programs. On Monday, we announced Harrisburg’s second annual Volunteer Citizen of the Year, Paul Garrett, and introduced the program to central Illinois. On Tuesday, we shifted our attention to Pittsburgh and the great partnership we have with the Pittsburgh Promise. As a result of this innovative partnership, we’ve been able to donate $7,433 to the Pittsburgh Promise while also allowing their community to save on energy costs.

On Wednesday, our topic was stress. How stressed are you? According to the American Psychological Association, 77 percent of Americans experience physical symptoms caused by stress. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, take some tips from us on how to naturally relax and unwind!

Are you ready for this week’s Hot Job? We’re hiring in Tempe, Arizona! If you have three or more years in workforce planning, this could be the job for you! Click here for more info and to apply.

Before we say ciao for the week, we’d like to leave you with an electrical safety tip: replace any frayed wires in your house pronto — they can potentially cause shocks or fires.