Direct Energy Buzz April 26 Edition

Oh Friday, what a glorious sight for those tired eyes. We had a fantastic week celebrating some great holidays from Earth Day to Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Although Earth Day was on Monday, we hope that you’ll take some of our tips to practice “Acts of Green” all year long! How did you celebrate Earth Day?

On Wednesday, we shared some different gift ideas for your favorite administrative professional. From potted desk plants to fair trade coffee, these green presents are perfect for any eco-friendly office.

We’re hiring in Tempe, Arizona! This week’s Hot Job is for a workforce analyst. If you have three or more years in workforce planning, this could be the job for you! Click here for more info and to apply.

Before we head out for the weekend, here’s a home flooding prevention tip! Be sure your roof, windows and doors are leak-proof. If you spot signs of roof leaks and stains, get the roof inspected for damage.