Direct Energy Buzz – April 8th edition

We love the four-day week here at Direct Energy! Hope you guys having a great weekend. Now, we’ll share with you what we brought your way this week on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.

On Monday, we were ecstatic to share the idea of harnessing your own kinetic energy. We are constantly producing energy, so why not turn that into powering your lights or cell phone? You have to check out our blog for some of these easy ideas!

On Tuesday, we were exciting to announce that we are working with OPOWER, Facebook, and the National Resources Defense Council on a new app to help save energy. You’ll be able to see how much energy you use and how that stacks up against friends and homes across the US. We’re enthusiastic about this partnership and want you to be, too! Who’s going to be the biggest energy saver?

We love hearing about corporations that are taking some initiative to go green. The jean company Levi’s is launching a “Commuter Series” of apparel for bikers. Now we know just what to wear to look good while reducing fossil fuels!

Today is Easter and, of course, we want you to think environmentally friendly about the holiday. There are many easy things you can implement to help out Mother Earth this weekend.  We posted all of our ideas in our blog!

Finally, we want to leave you with an inspiring note. While you (hopefully) have a little extra free time, why don’t you start by finding interesting ways to reuse daily household items! Yogurt containers, for example, can be used for everything from measuring cups to Popsicle molds to toy for tots. Let us know how you are doing little things to reduce, reuse or recycle! We always want to know what you’ve thought of, too!

Hope everyone is able to have a safe and fun holiday. Be sure to check back in next week for another edition of the Direct Energy Buzz!

Special thanks to Flickr user windy234.