Direct Energy Buzz August 2 Edition

Whoo hoo! It’s Friday AND it’s August. The summer really has flown by. How are you spending your last few weeks of summer?

How are your pets faring in the summer heat? Follow some of our tips in Monday’s blog for keeping your four-legged friends happy and healthy.

On Tuesday we shared some great news! We announced the acquisition of New Jersey-based Hess Corporation. To learn more, click here.

On Wednesday we not only said farewell to July, we also celebrated National Blueberry month with some great gardening tips. How do you take care of your garden? Let us know on our Facebook wall!

Today’s blog post was for our friends in Alberta! Did you know that on average regulated electricity rates in Alberta have increased more than 50 percent in the last month? Protect yourself from fluctuating regulated rates by switching to Direct Energy’s 3-Year Super Flex Plus Dual Fuel Price Plan and bundling your natural gas and electricity services!

Here’s an energy tip perfect for the office. Did you know that photocopiers are by far the most energy-intensive office machines? Reduce your company’s energy use by only photocopying what you need. Remember to shut off the copier when it’s not being used. For more energy tips, click here