Direct Energy Buzz: December 16 Edition

It’s Friday again! With the lure of the holidays hanging over head we hope you’ve been staying sane and getting all your shopping done stress-free. This week we’ve had a lot of holiday-related posts so let’s get right to them!

On Monday, we forwarded you the question raised by National Geographic via Twitter. What’s your pet peeve when it comes to energy wasting? What do you think is the most annoying way to drain energy and rack up a bill? We’ve ranted about “zombie electronics” before but what do you think? Give us your feedback!

Tuesday, we brought some hilarious crazy holiday sweaters your way. Will you be attending a tacky sweater party this season? Think you’ll beat some of these winners?

We brought you 15 ways to go green this holiday season on Wednesday. While it may seem like this is the time of year to spend, spend, and spend- we’re encouraging to save! We hope you try some of them out this year and let us know how it works!

Thursday, we still had Christmas on the mind when we shared the article about lights and your bill with you! We assume you’re not as wild as Griswold in “Christmas Vacation” but every light counts. Switching to LED lights can save you a bundle this year!

Don’t forget to enter our “Tis The Season” sweepstakes! There are still chances to win a Kindle Fire, a Wii game console and accessories and (the hot ticket item this year) a 32GB white Apple iPad2. Best of luck!

Thanks to Flickr user *lynne* for the awesome tree photo!!