Direct Energy Buzz – December 21 edition

Happy Friday to all! Last Friday before the holidays – do you have all of your shopping done? No? Yikes! Okay, we won’t keep you long then. Here’s your Direct Energy Buzz.

Are you traveling over the holidays? Perhaps a warm and tropical vacay? As we warned you on Monday, don’t leave your household electronics and appliances plugged in while you are lying in a hammock at the beach. Need help? The Shambles are here to assist you!

Wednesday, we shared a touching and amazing story of kindness and charity by our Pittsburg office. Our dedicated employees held the first-ever Cupcake Wars in honor of Austin Cupcake Challenge – a fundraising effort to aid those suffering from Short Cut Syndrome. We cannot express how proud we are of the dedication and goodwill of our employees!

And that’s all we have for you today. Stay safe during the holidays!

Thanks to Flickr user Chris Blakeley for this delicious photo!