Direct Energy Buzz – December 30th edition

Happy New Year, everyone! Is anyone making a New Year’s Resolution for 2012? Our goal is to help you be more energy efficient around your home! 

As you start your search for the perfect (and obtainable) resolution, check out these tips we shared on Monday for easy ways to begin your journey to energy efficiency.  To compliment that story, we also shared some helpful and easy ways to go green while saving some green.

Fixing sneaky leaks that let the cool or warm air out of your home is the number on easy fix!

You should also check out our 10 painless changes to make your home eco-friendly. Both your wallet and Mother Earth will both smile.

Laundry is a another great place to save and as it can be a major drain on the environment. Look into these 8 eco-friendly tips before you wash your next load.

None on these tasks are daunting and will be a great way to kick start your 2012!

And here is a fun New Year’s fact for you… Ever wonder what makes the Times Square Ball sparkle so much? Well the answer lies in its 32,256 Philips LUXEON LED lights.

Remember we’re in our last days to enter the sweepstakes for our Grand Prize! Enter now for your chance to win!

As always, check back in next week for the weekly recap! We’ll see you right back here then!

Special thanks to Flickr user linuslin!