Direct Energy Buzz February 1 Edition

Friday, Friday, we are so incredible HAPPY it’s Friday! We are ready for some much need rest and relaxation. Any plans? May we suggest a game night? Or how about a Saturday morning run? A quick trip to an exotic location? A movie night? The possibilities are endless! Before you check out for the weekend, here is your Direct Energy Buzz.

Monday, we threw our chef’s hat on and shared some delicious (as well as energy efficient) recipes. Cantaloupe basil gazpacho anyone?

With the Big Game this Sunday, we gave you some ways you can green up your pigskin affair on Wednesday. Remember, having a designated recycling bin at your party will encourage your guests to dispose of items properly.

Have you checked out Electric Avenue lately? If you haven’t, you NEED to! It’s your one stop shop for energy market intelligence.

And that’s all folks! Have an outstanding weekend. Let us know if you try any of the suggestions we made! See you next week!

Photo: Shutterstock