Direct Energy Buzz – February 10th edition

It’s Friday again, and what a dreary Friday we’re experiencing here in Houston. Rain, rain go away! Hopefully you’re having some better weather in your neck of the woods and we hope it clears up before Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner! Let’s jump into it.

We’re guessing that everyone watched the Super Bowl last weekend. Were you rooting for the Giants or the Patriots? It was such a great game to watch, but (almost as importantly) what did you think of the commercials? We loved the dog getting in shape to chase the Volkswagen but what was your favorite? Check them all out here.

Tuesday, we were pretty excited to read that our color is in! Orange is the next big trend! So if you’re in the Direct Energy spirit or just want to coat your home chic, here’s some tips to add the drama to your house without the shock. We think an accent of the color looks fabulous. What do you think?

Moving from orange to green, we were introduced to a fantastic way to go green on Wednesday. If you’re stuck indoors this weekend due to six more weeks of winter then check out these great fun and “green” projects that get the whole family involved!

On Thursday we were shocked how this Sao Paulo artist is turning recycled plywood shavings into life-size art! They are a little creepy and a lot intriguing. Do you do anything interesting with your recycling?

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don’t forget that Sunday night our favorite show The Walking Dead returns so check your listings for when it’s on in your region.  And keep your eye out for zombie electronics zapping your home too. Have a romantic weekend with your Valentine and check back in with us next Friday!

Special thanks to Flickr user Pink Sherbet Photography.