The Direct Energy Buzz for February 2014

Greetings from Direct Energy! Since the last edition of the Direct Energy Buzz, our company has introduced several new and exciting products. Here’s what’s been going on over the last month at Direct Energy in addition to some other energy saving life hacks.

Direct Energy News
As of early February, Direct Energy customers in Texas now have the ability to save up to 10% on their energy usage with the Meridian The Direct Energy Buzz for February 2014Savings Plan and Smart Thermostat. You can now monitor your usage and home temperature settings anytime and anywhere while enjoying a competitive fixed energy rate for 24 months. You can have up to three FREE Smart Thermostats installed in your home, all of which you can control using the Meridian Smartphone App. With this great technology, you can receive information on your energy usage patterns along with recommendations and tips on how to optimize their energy settings for maximum energy efficiency.

The Direct Energy Buzz for February 2014At the same time, Direct Energy customers in Alberta, Canada now have access to the Nest Learning Thermostat through the Direct Energy 5-Year Comfort & Control Dual Fuel Plan. With this plan, you’ll receive a fixed electricity rate that’s locked in for five years, a variable natural gas rate with a low winter cap, and a Nest Learning Thermostat valued at $249. The Nest is amazing because it learns your energy usage habits over a few days and then programs itself! The Nest also has a motion sensor so it knows when you are home or away and will adjust the temperatures accordingly for energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Life Hacks

  • The Direct Energy Buzz for February 2014The Modlet is the techy answer to the household energy zombie problem. Rather than manually unplugging electronics not in use or wasting energy by not unplugging them after use, you can use The Modlet instead. By plugging your electronic devices into this great piece of technology, you gain wireless control of your electronic devices either from your web browser or smartphone so you can turn them on or off from wherever you are. It’s a hassle-free way to combat those pesky energy zombies.
  • Rather than wasting energy through inefficient windows or paying high dollar to install new windows for increased energy efficiency, simply insulate old or non-energy efficient windows by adding shrink wrap to them (use the shrink wrap made specifically for windows). By doing so, you can prevent air from entering and/or escaping your home, resulting in energy savings both in the winter and summer.
  • Cut chair seat foam into a shape that will fit into your chimney to make a good chimney blocker to keep air from entering or escaping through the chimney. Just be sure to remove it when you want to light a fire.
  • Heat your food in a toaster oven rather than in an oven. It uses up to 50% less energy.

Do you have any new buzzing developments in the energy, electricity, and/or technology worlds you’d like to share? Talk to us in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!