Direct Energy Buzz – February 24 Edition

Another week, another Friday! Any big plans for the upcoming weekend? We can’t believe how fast we are flying through February…good thing we get that extra day this year! We shared a bunch of fun stuff this week on Facebook and Twitter, so check out what you missed if you haven’t had a chance to follow us yet.

Monday we shared a way to love on Mother Earth as we continue through the month of love. We bet you haven’t thought about all the waste created by used cooking oil! We shared two easy ways to reduce that waste: take it to a recycling center or find a new way to use it again.

On Tuesday, we came up with some great ideas for family fun! Teach the kids responsibility and the importance of being green. Starting these practices young can help your children live a green lifestyle forever.

We had a lot to share on Wednesday! First we brought you a nifty article about some streetlamps in India. These lights use solar and water powered energy to operate LED lights. We love hearing stories like this.

Wednesday we also shared some neat tips about building a green home. Can you tell what we had on our mind this week? If you’re in the housing market or looking to remodel, these ideas could save you bundle.

Remember a couple of weeks back when we shared the story about the artist doing some really cool things to recycle plywood shavings? We brought another one to your attention on Thursday! Artist Sean Avery is turning recycled CDs into beautiful art and they look so realistic.

Finally, we wrapped up the week with some tips for what to look for when shopping for eco-friendly products. Shop smarter this week at the grocery store and load up on good goods!

Lastly, we wanted to make sure you heard us talk about our Volunteer Citizen of the Year Award program. It’s a very special project to us so read up on it and then find someone to nominate. We want to hear all of their volunteer stories!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! Check back in next Friday with us for another edition of the DE Buzz… And, make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages in the meantime.

Special thanks to Flickr user Jean Lemoine for the amazing photo.