Direct Energy Buzz – February 3rd edition

Well the groundhog has predicted that we have six more weeks of winter! Are you excited to stay bundled up or ready to shed the layers and have the sun out? We haven’t experienced too much cold weather here so hopefully we’ll get one last dash to wear our coats. Here’s what you missed this week.

Are you following us on Twitter yet? Monday we reminded you to get connected with us in more ways than one. We offer daily tips to help save energy around your house as well as contest reminders and giveaway offers. Follow us at @DirectEnergy.

Well if you’re not following us on Twitter, we sure hope that you’re keeping up with our weekly poll questions on Facebook. This week in preparation for the big game we were wondering what your favorite Super Bowl snack is: chicken wings or mini meatballs? What’s your go-to grub for sports Sunday? Weigh in in our new Facebook poll!

Tuesday we brought you an interesting article about LED lights. Did you know that over the next 10 years Forbes believes these green lights will take over 60% of the market? Be a trendsetter! Check them out now!

With six more weeks of winter, there’s still time to winterize your home! It will help lower your energy bills this year and in subsequent years as well. We offered you some tips Wednesday on how to do this effectively and inexpensively!

Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we hope you celebrated our favorite way – watching the 1993 Bill Murray classic “Groundhog’s Day”! Or watching it over and over and over on repeat to get the full effect.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Go Giants and go Patriots! It should be a great game. Let us know how you celebrate and check back in next week for another recap!

Special thanks to Flickr user pennstatelive.