Direct Energy Buzz January 11 Edition

Oh Friday, what a wonderful sight for these tired eyes. We made it to the weekend folks, well almost. We had a busy week so let’s not delay this any further. Here is your Direct Energy Buzz.

Monday, we announced the first ever Cincinnati Volunteer Citizen of the Year award. Nominations are now being accepted and will close on Monday, February 18. The winner will be announced in late February. Complete rules, the official nomination form and all other information are available online.

Need a vacation? Wednesday, we shared budget friendly travel destinations. How does Cape Town, South Africa sound?

Thursday, we brought you some exciting news—we are opening a new comprehensive call center in Tempe, AZ. To read more about the new call center, click here!

That was a jam-packed week of news! Hope you have a great weekend! Check back in with us next week!

Thanks to flickr user Alex E. Proimos for the photo!