Direct Energy Buzz – January 13 edition

Hey guys! Hope everyone has had a good week and is ready for the upcoming three-day weekend. Is anyone doing something fun for Martin Luther King Day? Well, let’s hop into this week’s recap.

On Monday, we brought you the official light bulb guide. Who ever knows what to choose when in the hardware store? With this handy resource, you can take the worry out of picking bulbs!

Was being a frugal energy user your New Year’s resolution? On Tuesday we brought you a way to help stay on track! Use your smart phone for something, well…smart. Download these top 5 apps to help with your energy efficiency.

Wednesday, we were there to help you solve the age-old question…sleep or shutdown. What’s best for your computer? The answer you were waiting for is to shut it down! Remember those zombie electronics we warned you about in October? Don’t let them hang around all year!

Houston had some crazy storms this week! Thursday we reminded you to always have a plan for power outages! What are you doing to make sure you have everything you need in your home (or office)? Don’t let things get scary when the lights go out!

We hope everyone has a great weekend. Be sure to check in with us during the week on Facebook and Twitter and then back here every Friday for your recap!

Special thanks to Flickr user tochis for the photo.