Direct Energy Buzz – January 20th edition

Well we’re mid-way through winter. How’s everyone fairing? Our weather has been fairly bipolar- hot one day and freezing the next, but that’s what we’re used to in Houston. Since this was (hopefully) a short week for everyone, let’s just jump right on in. The weekend is around the corner!

We kicked off our week by sharing a pretty interesting article with you. If your New Year’s resolution has you going through the eggs like crazy to stay healthy then this one is for you! Don’t throw out your egg crates- reuse them! Go green! Check out these 10 DIY projects to keep your waste at a minimum.

Now, if you’ve been hit with a fairly “typical” winter we brought something your way on Wednesday that might be of interest. These cold weather decorating tips are sure to make your life happier and your home cozier.

On Thursday, we shared something wacky! We’ve seen all sorts of interesting home ideas before, but this one might just take the cake. If you’re dedicated to reusing and recycling, look at this link for an idea for old leather belts. While it may not be easy to turn them into flooring, we think the look is neat! What do you think?

On our blog this week, we shared some good news with you. If you know an Alberta Volunteer Citizen who you think is worthy of some good merit, enter their name and story for the Citizen of the Year Award 2012. Enter now!

Hope everyone has something fun planned this weekend and we look forward to meeting you back here next week.

Special thanks to Flickr user Andrea Costa Photography.