Direct Energy Buzz: January 27 edition

We hope everyone is hanging in there for the weekend… it’s right around the corner! Have you been keeping up with our Facebook, Twitter and Blog this week? If not, we’ve got your quick recap right here.

Did you ring in the Chinese lunar New Year with us on Monday? We’re curious what the year of the dragon has in store! Any predictions? Click here to check out these amazing photos of come fantastic celebrations!

If you’re still keeping up with your own New Year’s resolution (to go green), we shared some tips with you about making your renting space more energy efficient. While there are some limitations for renters, these ideas will help you be more energy resourceful. Energy Star shares their top 10 tips!

We love sharing new (and wacky) stories that come our way! Look at what this artist in Italy is able to create out of recycled newspapers. We only wish we were that creative!

Wednesday, we were hit with a downpour of rain and some flash flooding here in Texas and inclement weather seems to be rearing it’s head all all over the country. It was the perfect time to remind you how to stay safe during bad weather and what to do (and who to call) when power outages attack!

To leave you on a pretty nifty note, be sure to look at these pictures NASA released. They take our breath away. What a beautiful planet we call home!

We hope this weekend’s weather is perfect for being outside or lounging around relaxing. Check back in with us next week for another recap.

Special thanks to Flickr user Gregory Bastien.