Direct Energy Buzz March 15 Edition

Wow, what a week! We had a blast, and by the looks of it the weekend will be even better! Before you rush off to start your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, take a few minutes to enjoy your Direct Energy Buzz.

On Monday, we announced the winner of Cincinnati’s first Volunteer Citizen of the Year award, Libby Hunter, the co-founder of WordPlay Cincy. Click here to read more about Libby’s incredible work in the community!

By the time Wednesday rolled around we were already prepping for the weekend. St. Paddy’s Day is this Sunday and if you follow our tips, it’s bound to be even greener than ever!

We popped in on Thursday for a special blog post to celebrate our favorite day, Pi Day! Did you know that Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday? He definitely knew a thing or two about energy! How did you celebrate Pi Day? Any leftover pie?

And now for this week’s Hot Job! We’re hiring bilingual sales associates in Tempe, Arizona! If you have one year or more of sales experience, this could be the perfect fit! To learn more about this Hot Jobclick here.

Image: Shutterstock