Direct Energy Buzz – March 2 edition

Can you believe we’re already in March? Even with the extra day in February, it’s hard for us to believe that it’s almost spring! Just a couple more weeks and it will be here. We are really looking forward to that! We’ll let’s jump into this week’s recap.

On Monday, we shared something pretty neat with you! If you’re like us, your fridge is always stocked with all sorts of bubbly sodas. Have you ever thought about using your Coca-Cola for something other than a refreshing drink? What about turning it into kitchen cleaner? We discovered some novel ideas for the classic soda.

Tuesday we were gearing up for the 2012 Leap Year! Did you get to do anything exciting on this special day? Well, while it only comes once every four years, having an extra day can also add extra dollars to your bill. We shared with you some Leap Year energy saving tips. What did you do to go green on the 29th?

Then on Wednesday, we shared something that could be of great use to you! With all these smart phones coming up and being the must-have technology, what should you do with your old cell phone? We have thoughts on helping out your community AND the environment. What a win-win!

Finally, calling all fashionistas! We discovered an awesome group going green in London! Kingston University’s fashion students are designing a chic eco-friendly style. Their mission is to lower the fashion industry’s carbon footprint by using biodegradable materials to produce luxury clothes, shoes, home accessories and car interiors. We love hearing these neat stories! If you come across anything like this, be sure to share it with us!

We hope everyone has an awesome first weekend of March planned out. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get even more green ideas daily!

Special thanks to Flickr user jonmatthew photography!