Direct Energy Buzz – March 30th edition

Another week, another buzz post. Is it just us or has the start of spring put an extra pep in our step? Where did March already go? Time is flying by! On that note, let’s jump on in to what we brought you this week on our Facebook, Twitter and the Blog.

Monday, we were all about spring-cleaning. We have been experiencing a bunch of rainy days recently that make us want to stay indoors. But that doesn’t mean we have to be unproductive! Start thinking about spring cleaning to save! Did you know that large appliances could often lead to large savings? Start cleaning those puppies and you might see a little less bill this month!

Still not motivated to get off the couch and clean? Check out these inspirational closets! We would die for all this storage. If this doesn’t get you going, we don’t know what will.

Saturday, March 31st is Earth Hour. Have you heard about it? On Tuesday we highlighted the event. Turn off your lights for one hour to cut back on your energy use. The Earth does so much for us, why don’t we show it a little love too?

For our Pennsylvania readers, we want to honor an amazing volunteer from Harrisburg. Do you know one? Submit a nomination for our Volunteer Citizen of the Year Award now!

Check back in with us next week for you another dose of the DE Buzz!

Special thanks to Flickr user ~jjjohn~