Direct Energy Buzz – March 9 edition

Our first full week in March has come and gone. The weekend is beckoning us to join it in just a matter of hours. Is anyone spending some time with the kids on their upcoming spring breaks? Or just taking some time to relax for yourself? Share your plans with us!

Monday we were getting that same spring break itch but about spring cleaning. We know it’s not technically spring yet but it’s too close to avoid the subject! Well, this year, let’s reign in the season with green cleaning! Let’s steer clear of harsh chemicals that can harms your health and environment. Instead, check out all the natural cleaners that you probably already have at your home!

Tuesday, we tickled your sweet tooth! Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills now has a 24-hour cupcake ATM. This had us craving something sweet all day! This is a video you have to see to believe! We love new technology, especially when it makes dessert easier and faster.

On Wednesday, we made an appeal to small business owners! What ways are you guys saving energy around the home or in your business? Share your stories on our Facebook wall to get involved.

Big news came on Thursday! We launched our Pinterest! Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to follow us. We’d love to share all of our boards with you. Our favorite is our orange board. Orange is in!

We hope everyone is planning on doing something fun for yourself this weekend. And if you’re stuck with no plans then be sure to look at these cute puppies playing with iPads that we shared this week as a little pick-me-up. See you back here this time next week!

Special thanks to Flickr user OrangeCounty_Girl!