Direct Energy Buzz November 1 Edition

We made it through the week! Is your house filled with sweet treats from Halloween last night? As you munch on your candies, tune into Direct Energy Buzz for a recap of this week’s news, energy tips and more!

On Tuesday, we shared seven steps that can save Ontario homeowners up to $770 on energy bills annually. What would you do with that much extra change? Are you ready to meet the newest member of the Direct Energy family? On Wednesday, we introduced the world to Doris the Green Granny! Click here to watch the first episode of Doris the Green Granny, then head to our Facebook page to tell us what you think!

Did your little ones go trick or treating last night? Yesterday’s blog features nine safety tips to protect your family. While these tips are focused on Oct. 31, there are many that apply year-round! Click here to read the full blog.

Now it’s time for this week’s Hot Job! We’re hiring sales reps in Illinois. If you have two years of successful direct sales experience, this could be the opportunity for you! Click here to apply.

Before you dart off for the weekend, here’s a fall energy tip. Seal all leaks around doors, windows and electrical outlets. Heat from your home escapes out of these cracks. By sealing these leaks, you can save up to 20 percent on your heating bill, and the cost of materials is under $20.