Direct Energy Buzz – November 16 Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully, you’ve had a productive week and are ready to relax this weekend. With all the different holidays coming up, we all know relaxation will be at a minimum. Here’s your Direct Energy Buzz to get you started…

On Monday, we shared some mouth-watering, nontraditional side dishes that go great with any holiday dinner. The sausage and artichoke stuffing is our favorite – have you had the chance to try any?

It’s almost impossible to find someone who was not affected by Hurricane Sandy, whether they were on the East Coast or not. On Wednesday, we introduced you to Leah Barton, a Direct Energy employee who created the Occupy Sandy NJ Wedding Registry on Amazon. Read her story here.

And today is Friday. Take a deep breath, enjoy your morning coffee and hit the ground running. Happy weekend!

A big thank you to Flicker user -sel for this priceless photo!