Direct Energy Buzz October 14th edition

Happy Friday! We hope everyone is having a spooky October! For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, now is the time to get you in the loop with everything that has happened on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

For the past week, we’ve been focusing on ZOMBIES! Do you think you could survive a zombie attack? What about if they weren’t eating you but instead, they were eating your wallet book? Well, zombie electronics are! Zombie electronics are those items you keep plugged in that just munch away at your electricity. On average, each home has roughly 10 to 50 zombies taking up 20% of your bill every month. Fight back! Unplug and make a readiness protection plan now. We’ll have more tips for fighting zombie electronics next week, too!

Does all of this zombie talk have you in the mood for Halloween? On Monday, we loaded up your sweet tooth with some candy corn trivia!

We also encouraged you this week to check out our What’s New on the Direct Energy Facebook page which we debuted this week. Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint as another way to ward off zombies from your bill!

Want another tip of the week? It’s never too late to go green with your spring (or fall) cleaning! Make your home sparkle with these eco-friendly products.

Direct Energy’s favorite color is, of course, ORANGE! Brush up on your interior decorating skills with these design ideas. Orange 101 is a way to brighten up your home in some quick, easy and affordable ways.

While you’re on our Facebook page, be sure to check out photos from our Direct Energy softball game that happened this week in Pittsburg!

Our final reminder! We are now in the voting phase of the Energy Star Contest! You can review our submissions and vote through Saturday. Be sure to vote, vote, vote so one of the lucky submissions can win either an all-inclusive cruise, an Energy Star rated mini fridge or an Energy Star rated microwave!

Have a great weekend…be sure to be on the lookout for those dreaded zombies!

Special thanks to Flickr user Cobalt123 for our picture.