Direct Energy Buzz October 21 Edition

Welcome back! Have you had a successful week slaying the zombie electronics around your home? While you were busy getting rid of those energy eaters, here’s what’s happened on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog this week.

All of this zombie talk came about because we were so excited for the season two premiere of AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Did you watch it last Sunday? Here’s a photo album from the show. Don’t miss the new episode on Sunday! And find us on Facebook at to tell us what you think.

We know not everyone is convinced that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen so here’s something that might be of interest to those skeptics out there. Try to argue with these 5 scientific reasons that a zombie apocalypse is totally possible!! 

Now with the believers and some of the skeptics on board, we came up with a step-by-step plan to rid your home of zombie electronics. They can be deadly for your budget so check out these are tried and trued tips that will help you save!

Speaking of conserving energy, we posted some energy saving tips that will really help you out this winter. You could save more than $980 a year with these tips!

Now to complete this post with a perfect trifecta of energy savings articles, check this out! You may have heard that new energy efficiency standards for light bulbs, voted by Congress in 2007, will begin taking effect in January. What does that mean for you? A flood of new lighting choices will be hitting the market soon… and they don’t look like the typical compact fluorescent curlicue. Read this article for more information.

What spooky plans do you have this weekend? Maybe a scary move to get you in the Halloween mood? Based on our Facebook poll question, you can’t go wrong with one of the Scream movies or Friday the 13th! Consider yourself warned!