Direct Energy Buzz: October 28 Edition

It’s Friday! You know what that means – the weekend is just hours away and you get a new Direct Energy blog post! This week we kept reminding you about the danger of zombies… electronic zombies, of course. And since we wanted to keep everything in the Halloween spirit, we posted some related fun facts you may want to check out below!

Monday, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPod! What would we be doing without our iPods now? Living in the dark ages with a zombie, that’s for sure. We also brought some quick and cute costume ideas to your attention. If you still aren’t ready for Halloween on Monday, these easy tips might just come in handy.

On Tuesday we learned something shocking! Did you know each year 9 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) pieces of candy corn are produced? That’s enough to circle the moon 21 times! We also discovered a new device called the “learning thermostat”. Former Apple inventor, Tony Fadell, is set to release his cool new gadget in mid-November.

Still don’t believe that zombie electronics are having a midnight snack on your pocketbook? On Wednesday we broke it down to review the numbers. Check it out, we’re not joking around here!

Can’t get enough creepy zombie action? Check out this poodle and know that you’re not alone. Just a reminder, check our new favorite show “The Walking Dead” this Sunday at 8 pm CST on AMC. Then join us on our Facebook page to discuss!

Have a ghoulish weekend and Happy Halloween!