Direct Energy Gives Back to Pittsburgh Promise, Helps Community Lower Electricity Bills

As result of an innovative program between the Pittsburgh Promise and Direct Energy, the organization is receiving a $7,433.10 donation. For each new customer in the Promise community that signed on with Direct Energy, Direct Energy gave a portion back. The 1,000+ families that enrolled in the program were given a special electricity rate that provided a potential 20% in savings on their electricity bill.

In late 2011, the Pittsburgh Promise and Direct Energy partnered to implement an innovative, win-win program that provided employees and students’ families of the Pittsburgh Public Schools with a special electricity supply rate through Direct Energy’s Direct Choice program. Participants were given a low, fixed rate for a full 12 months, protecting them from fluctuating rates and thus, giving them the ability to have control of their energy bills. Additionally, for every participant that enrolled with Direct Energy under this special program, a portion of the proceeds were banked to be given back to the Pittsburgh Promise.

The success of the program garnered the more than $7,000 that will be donated to the Pittsburgh Promise so that it can continue to fulfill its mission of improving the lives of Pittsburgh’s youth. Additionally, the Pittsburgh Promise’s donation from Direct Energy is on a yearly residual basis and will vary as customers remain with Direct Energy and as new customers enroll.

“To give back to the Pittsburgh Promise and at the same time, use our energy expertise to help its community save on their energy costs makes us extremely proud,” said Rob Comstock, Executive Vice President for Direct Energy. “We are thrilled with the results of our program and look forward to continuing our commitment to such an impactful organization in the city of Pittsburgh.”

Direct Energy’s commitment to Pittsburgh, combined with the power of community giving, produces an outcome that helps students and families across the city.  We are grateful for this corporate and community support,” said Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise.

Direct Choice is a marketing agreement between Direct Energy and the Pittsburgh Promise that allows residents to lock in their electricity price for a specified period of time. Employees and students’ families associated with the Pittsburgh Public Schools must actively enroll in this program to benefit. Direct Energy encourages new participants that are under contract with another supplier to review their contracts for potential obligations prior to enrolling.

To learn more about this offer, customers can contact Direct Energy toll free at 1-800-523-1780 or by visiting