The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, 34% of people engage in most of their online activity through their mobile phone. And after the launch our new and improved Online Account Manager last week, we knew that the release of our newest technological marvel couldn’t be delayed any longer. Thus, we are really excited to announce the launch of the updated Direct Energy Mobile App! Now, all of our customers have the ability to monitor, maintain, and update their account information wherever they are and on the mobile device of their choice.

The app is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Let’s take a brief stroll through this handy new method for taking care of all your Direct Energy needs.

Main Menu

The beauty of this Main Menu screen is multifaceted. You’re given all of the most important information you need right there, without needing to head anywhere else:

  • Your account number
  • Your current due balance and due date
  • Your most recent balance and payment date
  • Your most recent usage information (including a comparison to last month)
  • The amount you’ve earned in Referrals
  • Outage information for your area
  • Payment Locations
  • Other account notifications
  • The Direct Energy Social Feed

And if you need more detailed information than what you see on that Main Menu, it’s easy to navigate to the section you need.

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

Track that Usage!

We feel that knowing how much electricity you use in any given month is the best way to manage your usage. And the more you know about your usage, the more effectively you can control that usage. So, we wanted to get you the information that would help you learn about your usage in hopes that you might be able to understand your electricity bills. Our graphs are available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month installments, complete with a comparison graph from your usage last year.

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

Where can I Pay my Bill?

While you can pay your Direct Energy bill quite easily and safely through your Online Account Manager, sometimes you just need to pay that bill in person. Thankfully, we’ve created a way for you to search for nearby payment locations. The map will locate where you are currently and then show you a range of places nearby where you can make a bill payment. This is especially convenient for our Power-To-Go customers needing to make a payment before their account balance becomes $0.00.

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

Take Care of Your Home

If you’re on the lookout for a company to assist you with some home maintenance concerns, look no further than Direct Energy. We’re the largest provider of home services in North America, and with our new mobile Online Account Manager app, you can search for members of our family of brands near you. If you need help with electrical concerns, plumbing problems, or HVAC issues, we’re here for you with just a few taps on your smartphone screen.

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

Outage Alerts

No one ever wants to experience a power outage, since they can leave you feeling rather helpless and out of control. That’s why we wanted to make reporting a power outage as easy as possible. Through this screen, you can quickly call the utility company for your area to let them know you’re out of power at your home or business. You can also sign up to receive power outage alerts from Direct Energy so that we can let you know if there is an outage reported near your area.

The Direct Energy Mobile App has Arrived!

We’re a Social Butterfly

In case you’re the social networking type, we are keen to share our activity for your reading pleasure. In this screen, you can scroll through our blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and tweets from Twitter, as we seek to connect with our customers, friends, and fans in a variety of ways.

We know that you spend lots of time on your smartphone, so it made sense to reach out to where you live, especially when it comes to your electricity account information. With the new Direct Energy Mobile App, you can take care of all you electricity account needs from your smartphone or tablet and do so on your terms. In short, this new technology reflects our way of doing things: Simple, Friendly, and Direct.