Introducing the New Meridian Plus Savings Plan with Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

In February of this year, we were excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new plan for Texas electricity consumers: the Meridian Savings Plan. With this offering, we combined a 24-month fixed electricity rate from Direct Energy, the Meridian Smartphone App, and a Honeywell Smart Thermostat so that you could save up to 10% each month on your home energy usage. And since the plan proved to be such a success, we decided to expand the way you can monitor your electricity usage and possibly reduce the size of your utility bill – which is why we’re proud to introduce the Meridian Plus Savings Plan!

HoneywellMeridianPlusThis new plan provides all of the same perks as the original plan, but we’ve upped the ante by improving the  Honeywell Smart Thermostat technology. When you choose this plan, you’ll lock in a great fixed rate for the next 2 years and control your thermostat settings from your preferred mobile device with the Meridian Smartphone App, while a Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat takes care of heating and cooling your home in the most energy efficient manner possible.

Here’s how the new thermostat compares to the model in the Meridian Savings Plan:

  • Customizable, easy-to-read color touchscreen
  • Indoor humidity sensor
  • Advanced remote fan control
  • Locking touchscreen
  • Temperature alerts appear on the thermostat screen
  • Smart response capabilities detect your preferred thermostat settings
  • Increased scheduling flexibility to account for outliers in your schedule

To learn more about the new Meridian Plus Savings Plan, please visit

We’re looking forward to hearing how these two fantastic plans help you and your fellow Texans monitor your thermostat settings so you can use energy more effectively throughout your home and reduce your electricity usage by up to 10%.